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Chicken Town runner

Chicken Town game icon A rollercoaster full of action and comedy drags you through the city in which your job is to save the chickens feathers. Collect eggs and ingredients to craft power-eggs allowing you to dodge the traffic more easily, avoid your enemies, double your score and much more... Start your endless adventure now. Don’t forget to RUN!!!

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One egg a day keeps the butcher away!

1st-day has just released a new free-to-play runner based on the famous TV show "Chicken Town" for Android™ and Apple® App Stores. One egg a day keeps the butcher away! You’d better run away from Polly and the Crocodile if you want to stay alive. Play Zino, an irresponsible but loveable rooster, Pink Jenny or old Francine and get away from Polly, the terrifying landlady who threatens to sell them to the butcher next door if she doesn't get her daily eggs on time.

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The characters

Char Croco


Char Polly


Char Jenny


Char Lazy Lou

Lazy Lou

Char Zino


Char Francine


Char JackieLee

Jackie Lee

Char Karpi


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